Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Click on this image to enlarge it to
read the details. The above call for
entries is for a Black Age themed
showcase that is presented by
This show will be in Jackson State
University, April 2007.
We got ourselves a movement!!!

2007 Annual
Black Age of Comics Convention Chicago
Artist Exhibition's
We are starting out early for the biggest Black Age event yet. Artists of all ages are being asked to contribute original art for next year's themed exhibition. The details are as follows.

When: Oct. 2007
Visual interpretations of Black Age characters that were created by artists or writers of African descent. Sorry, but no Black Panther, Storm, Blade, Black Lightning, or Luke Cage. You can not draw your own character. These must be previously published characters. No unpublished characters will be accepted. You may want to use the online site called the Museum of Black Super Heroes or the Milestone Media site as a resource.

Process: This is an open show with no jury on a first come, first shown basis. However pornography and insulting bad taste will not be permitted. Should you decide to participate in this amazing gallery show make sure you title the work with the correctly spelled name of the character along with its copyright or trademark information properly indicated. You must include the name of the character's creator and the title of the book it was featured in along with this information. We will create lables based on this information. This is a show of original illustrations in all mediums.

Prizes: Awards will be given out to artists for technique, style, and impact. The opening to the exhibition will be web cast and made available on DVD.

Sizes: No work should be smaller than 11" X 18" nor larger than 30" X 40". All work should come in suitible for gallery hanging. Simple frames under plexiglass or images dry mounted to foam core with eyelets will do.
This blog will have additional information in the future dealing with fees, insurance, and shipping instructions. Or write Onli@sbcglobal.net