Wednesday, December 19, 2018

 ONLI STUDIOS. LLC is expanding its flow of Rhythmistic Indie-Graphic Novels in 2019 and beyond for serious, intelligent and innovative readers collectors & fans. They were presented at the recent Pocket Con in Chicago.

 Pocket Con is now given at the palace-like downtown Chicago Cultural Center. This Con picks up on the innovations of the growing indie Black Age movement of independent conventions that are open to all yet have a focus on concepts and creators who are Black, Brown and Indie.

 These types of conventions offer the curious under-served public a chance to experience these products & their unique creators without being overwhelmed by the lame, very traditional, larger budgeted forces of the mainstream.
Prof. Onli showing a little luv for Pocket Con!

A positive shout-out to Nikki and all the cool folks that produced the Holiday themed Vends & Vibes at the Arts Incubator near the University of Chicago.  It featured a select arryay of small promising indie producers and designers of a wide range of gift products for this season of sharing. 2018!

Events like this gives ONLI STUDIOS a chance to bring the innovative Black Age of Comics to markets that may yet still be under the brand-loyal spell of the mainstream and its suppressive otrhodox traditions of what a graphic novels should be or become.


Monday, December 03, 2018

Johnathan Soul Interview LINK

Monday, November 19, 2018

Yvan Alagabe' who is a Benin-French publisher, author & bande-dessinee' artiste was in Chicago rccently for the Chicago Humanities Festival.  During his tour he followed by a few days, Michelle Obama's signing at the University of Chicago based Seminary Co Op Book Store in the Hyde Park district which is the personal home of the Obamas. Alagabe's book, "Yellow Negroes" features illustrated tales about love, pain, politics, sex and more issues that flow from Africa into France and back again.  Turtel Onli who used to live and work in Paris as an illustrator hooked up with Alagab'e during his reading & signing.......and got a cool signed mint copy of the featured book. 

BTW Hyde Park is also the birthplace of the growing Black Age of Comics movement.

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Chicago based major market illustrator & publisher, Ashley A. Woods was invited by Prof. Jennings to present to college students near the Bay Area recently.  Both are amazing Black Age greats whose dedication and talents have inspired many while creating real career opportunities for emerging talents on all types.  Log time fans of the Chicago based annual Black Age of Comics events have met them and appreciated their important works and lectures.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The above link is to a recent crucial article that soars beyond the limits of trendy fads and speaks to how vision, effort and dedication is having a measurable impact on the visual narrative know as comic books, animation, Graphic Novels and related genres.

Monday, July 16, 2018

We have completed our current tenure, ( since 2011 to 2018),  of being associated with the DuSable Museum's Annual Festival of the Arts.  We seriously appreciate their precious support in accepting and supporting our unique convention as part of their lively annual arts festival that each year attracted over 3,000 appreciative festival goers.  This arrangement  has positively linked the growing Black Age of Comics Movement to the wider presence and respect for Black American culture, its history and its future in the world of creativity, culture & commerce.

Now we are looking into other partnerships, refreshing the fantastic one with the DuSable, and plans for resuming our free standing single site convention next year.

We have come a long way since our first Black Age of Comics event in 1993.  
We have reshaped this entire industry!

We thank the staff of the DuSable, Carl McKenzie of Artworks, the gracious creative professionals who continue to participate and all of the fans, educators, blerds, geeks, freaks,  Martians, odds, geniuses and students that think or say, "Indie Today: BLACK AGE FOREVER!"

Monday, July 09, 2018

We want seriously thank all the folks that participated in 'BLACK AGE XXII" this week end.  Artworks Chicago, The DuSable Museum, the First Aid Comics, featured creative folks and all of the families, fans, scholars, studnens and wannabes.  You are why we do this over and over again!

Y'All rock!
Indie today: Black Age Forever!!!!!