Monday, July 09, 2018

Monday, July 02, 2018


When:  July 13th through the 15th, 2018

Where:  The DuSable Museum and other locations

What:  We will have a 10ft X 10ft tent at the Annual DuSable Museum’s Arts & Crafts Festival.   The tent will be ready for the public at Noon until 7pm.  both days  This is a rain or shine event.  No refunds.   

Over 3,000 people are expected in attendance!

This Festival and the DuSable Museum are under new management.

Activities:  A signing for indie publishers at the First Aid Comics Store in Hyde Park July 13th, 5pm until 7pm.  Featuring Joe Curie / Strictly Underground and Prof. Onii / ONLI STUDIOS

First aid comics

1617 E 55th St
Chicago, IL 60615
phone: 773-752-6642

An Indie Publisher Lecture Series, featuring the likes of Yaounde' Olu, Joe Curie of Strictly Underground, Prof. Onli and others,  July 14th in the Ames Theatre of the DuSable Museum.  

 The lectures will be videoed. These lectures will later be broadcast on local cable networks and our You Tube Channel, Black Age Central.

  Thanks for your interest in "BLACK AGE XXI"!

Turtel Onli


Sunday, July 01, 2018

Monday, May 28, 2018

Now that The Mouse has made it legit to say or think, "Black / African derived super hero" folks can rise up and openly participate with the courageous indie Black Age of Comics' creators and their continued lines of amazing products. After decades of being "Indie Black adverse" many can now deal in legal Black-Money by collecting and gifting indie-Black Age products.  Putting them in the hands of so many hungry deserving fans and students. The Mouse has come a long way since his early minstral-shimmy days to rise and rule. Its nice to see him open up the door to what was already there.

Friday, April 27, 2018

will be July 13th until the 15th 2018.

We explode with our exclusive mega tent showcase & sale , plus informative Lecture Program for educators at the DuSable Museum's Annual Arts & Crafts Festival and awesome signings at the Almighty First Aid Comic Book Store in Hyde Park.
A Bowling Party and Power Dinner meeting is being planned too.

More venues and details will be posted here as they are confirmed.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

 Prof. Onli was featured at the amazing Lambiek store in Amsterdam. It is the oldest seller and distributor of BD, Graphic Novels and such in all of Europe. Onli went on to return to his creative roots in Paris.  Along the way Onli was laying the groundwork for the first international Black Age of Comics Convention.

It was in Paris back in 1977 in a conversation with the late great Moebius that Onli was inspired to grow ONLI STUDIOS from an illustration studio into a publishing operation with great growth potential and launching what is now the innovative Black Age genre!
 Bros Irie & Boris greeting Prof. Onli upon arrival.

Below...OOOOPS! A Bro-Fight broke out over the single ONLI STUDIOS Rhythmistic sweat shirt. In the end they decided it will be put on display so its fans and traffic can appreciate its connection to the Father of the Black Age. What a tribute to our growing movement.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018