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 Catherine representing ONLI STUDIOS at the recent 6th Annual Black Comic Book Festival in NY at the Schomburg Library where Jerry Craft and so many others put together another exciting professional explosion of creativity, culture & commerce.

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BLACK AGE on the "E" Channel

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Monday, November 20, 2017

CHICAGO- "This week we lost a fantastic person, scholar, art educator and visual art deity with the passing of Ms Barbara Jones Hogu. I had an amazing and positive connection with her since 1971 that included collegial exchanges of political insights and shared mutual creative practices along with appreciations. We met at a Black Arts Guild exhibition where she was pleased to learn that at age 18 I had organized young talented visual artist into a dynamic guild.  We called ourselves B.A.G. Decades later she even directed and produced a video document on the Black Age of Comics, called "Telling Our Stories. ( On Youtube ) .

Unlike many other other Black Nationalistic or "fine" artists, she attended the first and many more annual Black Age of Comics convention in Chicago. She saw the whole value of the Chicago-centric Black Arts Movement as it expanded the entire world of the visual arts and related creativity. I, we, her family, the art world will miss her. But we are all so much better for her presence in our lives. " Prof. Onli

Barbara Jones-Hogu was born on April 17, 1938 in Chicago. She received bachelor's degrees from Howard University and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and an MFA from the Institute of Design in Chicago. She was a member of the Organization of Black American Culture (OBAC), the group that executed the famous "Wall of Respect" urban mural in Chicago, in 1967.  An event and influential art form that outlives the recent self-hate induced nonsense of being "Post-Black".

In 1968, she was a co-founder of the artist collective AfriCOBRA.  Named long before the limited trendy term of "Afrofuturism.  She taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Malcolm X College.
Her work is in several public museum collections including the Brooklyn Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, the National Museum of African American Culture and History, the National Civil Rights Museum, and others. Jones-Hogu will be the subject of a solo museum exhibition at the DePaul Art Museum in Chicago, opening on January 11, 2018. She leaves behind her only son Kuumba Hogu. Barbara passed peacefully in her sleep on November 14, 2017.

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                                                        "BLACK AGE XX"  
                                            CHICAGO USA - July 8, 2017 to July 9, 2017 
                                             Creativity, Culture, Commerce & Collecting!

Presented at the Annual Arts & Crafts Festival of the DuSable Museum of African American History. The 20th edition of the original annual Black Age of Comics events. Presentations, Vendors, Signings and more. Connecting Black Art & History – Celebrating Excellence. Free admission! Produced by ONLI STUDIOS, LLC.  Theme: " Creativity, Culture, Commerce & Collecting!" Visit our tent to participate or buy our products year 'round at the Trading Post Gift Shop of the DuSable Museum.  Free Admission

A few images from presenting at the 2017 Real Men Cook Event in Chicago.