Wednesday, January 05, 2022

 "Dear fans, scholars, collectors, students, gallerists, composers, musicians, artists, writers, illustrators, animators, investor, critics, curators and more.  It's the first week of 2022 and I want to seriously thank all of you for the fantastic year we and ONLI STUDIOS LLC along with all things Rhythmistic experienced.  First, we rebranded & rebooted our decades long, original open-sourced welcoming Black Age of Comics, Convention, Chicago into the virtual "BLACK SANKOFA".

We were featured in the historic book/anthology called "It's Life As I See It!".  This book showcased the critical inspiring works of several highly valued Chicago Black Cartoonists.  The entire first edition of our Rhythmistic character "NOG: The Nubian of Greatness. Protector of the Pyramides' appears in this uniquely intelligent book. 

Followed by NOG, circa 1980, being featured along with innovative issues of the 1980s classic 'zine, "Future-Funk" in the blockbuster, group exhibition at the Musuem of Contemporary Art, Chicago, "Chicago Comics: 1960 until Now!"

This awesome ever-cool book and exhibition were the amazing industrious inspired work of curator / writer, Dan Nadel. 

 Plus, the solo retrospective styled exhibition, "RHYTHMISM: Art as Social Change Making" ran for several months at the stately Gordon Parks Arts Hall in the Corvus Gallery on the campus of the prestigious University of Chicago.  Lastly ONLI STUDIOS LLC published its first hyper-dynamic Graphic Novel, "Drawn For The Rhythmic Zone".

In appreciation as gratitude because none fo this happens without your positive participation, sharing and sharing of all things Rhythmistic. 

Now we are planning for "BLACK SANKIFA 2.0" and more in the coming year. "

Be well and Stay Smart!


Prof. Turtel Onli, M.A.A.T.

Monday, January 03, 2022

 This is the second year of this virtual event that is the rebranded original Black Age of Comics Convention. First given and shared to the world in a true open-source offering by ONLI STUDIOS LLC in 1993.  

"BLACK SANKOFA 2.0" is produced in partnership with Punx of Rage & ONLI STUDIOS LLC. Hope you can make it.  More details are coming.  

It will be hosted on the info-site:

A lot has happened since 1993 and a lot more is coming!

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

 Since the late 1950s in the USA folks have been cast in shade and shame for being into Comic Books or Graphic Novels. Thus this dynamic medium , which is a challenging hybrid of Visual & Literary Art, is marginalized as something restricted to early youth. 

It is often not embraced as literature or art. Yet study after study confirms that folks who tend to read Comic Books & Graphic Novels have high reading comprehension skills based on standardized tests. Vaulted higher ordered cognition and more. Often ridiculed as being those weird lame geeky nerdy kids, they actually are those smarter, intelligent learners.

 This is why I maintain all of the principles of Kwanzaa in my 5 decades long creation, advocacy and publishing of the Rhythmistic Comics from ONLI STUDIOS LLC. I serious appreciate all of y'all for your positive participation. We at ONLI STUDIOS LLC and the growing Black Age of Comics genre could not had done our important work of creativity, culture, content & commerce without you.

 I often ask: How Black was the entire animation, comic book or Graphic Novels industry before we launched the Black Age of Comics in Chicago in 1993 at the historic South Side Community Art Center? As always it is our dreams versus the mainstreams.

Alunta Continua!

Sunday, December 26, 2021

 February 2022 will be "BLACK SANKOFA 2.0 time! 

Yes! Last year we not only went virtual to fantastic response and acclaim, but we rebranded our original annual Black Age of Comics Chicago Convention.  Boldly launched in 1993 by ONLI STUDIOS in 1993 with tangible support and coordination with Milestone Media, when the orthodox idealogues and standard bearers in the comics industry and the Afrocentric community insisted calling this amazing force of creativity, culture and commerce, "Black Age" was a bad move. 

Some even said the two words "Black" and "Age" did not belong together.  Then came the folks who wanted it to be exclusively a "Black thing: only.  NOPE!  

This is why we need your luv. money and positive participation whenever and as you can. 

Well fortunately Prof. Onli and his determined associates at ONLI STUDIOS stayed the course.  The Black Age of Comics is open sourced.  It welcomes all positive cool creative folks.  It challenged and inspired the expansion of the entire industry. 

As Prof. Onli often asks: "How much "color" was being promoted in the industry before ONLI STUDIOS produced the world's first annual full service innovative indie Black Age of Comics Convention.  Held in the historic Bronzeville District of Chicago at the iconic National Treasure, the South Side Community Art Center?"

The Black Age of Comics Convention in Chicago was the first to welcome and celebrate Black, Asian, Mexican, African, Queer, LatinX, Femme, Gay, Indie, Alternative, Disabled and otherwise marginalized folks. 

We offered not just a home but a new growing flavor.  We welcomed others to serve it up. The likes of ECBACC, Detroit Motor City, Onyx Con, Pocket Con, MECCA Con, and Afro Con are our ever-loving kinfolks.  We rock. They rock!  We luv! We grow as the new flavor. As we all know. Once you go Black you may never go Black!

The Black Age is a flavor. Like Italian, Thai, or Mexican!

 And you do not have to be one to enjoy it! Welcome!

Thursday, December 23, 2021


Freshly inspired by his being featured in the 2021 blockbuster group exhibition, "Chicago Comics: 1960 Until Now! curated by Dan Nadel at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Prof. Onli has released the first hyper dynamic Rhythmistic Graphic Novels from ONLI STUDIOS LLC.

It comes with a Platinum treated cover and over 130 pages of serious Rhythmistic visual Fun. Fire, Funk & Flow. 

 "Where a picture in still worth a thousand words!"  

The reader is invited by sequences of insight, action, passion, drama and conflict to narrate the story in his or her words. They have never experienced a book like this one.  Featuring NOG, Malcolm-10, Sustah-Girl, Sasa and many more characters.  A true creative blending of the reader's interpretations and Prof. Onli's vision. It includes surprise links to experimental animations and more.  

Visit the Graphic Novels page at to place your order. 

Each Order is shipped free, is wrapped in archival plastic including free over-sized trading cards. Currently at the cover price of $20.00!!!  You are highly valued, and this is highly collectible!

Art, Illustration, Music, Spoken Word & Animation!

Tuesday, December 21, 2021


Sunday, November 28, 2021

 It is fantastic that the Black Age movement laid such a fertile foundation back in 1993 that anthologies such as this now percolate the literary horizon.  Black Age founder, Turtel Onli, M.A.A.T. contributed a Rhythmistic treatment of his "Malcolm-10" character to the book.  This is a unique collection of art, illustrations and poetry woven to draft on the trending Afrofuturism flow. Over 60 contributing creatives!