ONLI STUDIOS' founder Prof. Turtel Onli boldly launched the Black Age of Comics in 1993!

Monday, March 06, 2023

 2023 Women's History Month Special:

"Future Funk" is the long running indie 'zine published by ONLI STUDIOS. 

Plus the "Mega Sustah-Girl Work Out Book" that is totally illustrated by an array of very expressive talented female artists of various ages & stages. Their combined vision brings meaning to this fun fact, fit tip wellness journal for sisters of all ages & stages. 

They were each asked to depict Sustah-Girl in their unique styles. Showing this Rhythmistic wellness & personal care icon wearing a distinct yellow or gold head-band to connect her since Sustah-Girl has the ability to morph. It includes a wise range of conditioning references, plans for working out, charts for measuring dietary impact and open areas for personal notes, expressive poems, creative collages, and more are all possible with this unique journal. 

From ONLI STUDIOS via its Graphic Novels tab. Per its website.

Sunday, March 05, 2023


Prof. Onli celebrating 30 years of bringing the Dymaxion power of Rhythmistic Future-Primitif concepts to Graphic Novels, Comix, Animation, Games & you! 
The fluid nexus of Creativity, Culture, Content, & Commerce!

While paving the way for Afrofuturism & indie publishing!

The above picture is a link to the insightful podcast interview.

This fantastic genre/movement is often the topic of well attended, 
important seminars & panels at major Comic-Cons!

Kindly copy and place in your browser the url below to this dynamic interview.  
There will be one podcast interview each Friday in the Month of February 2023 
as part of ONLI STUDIOS LLC's "Black Age Domination" tribute.
 You do not have to be Black to get your Black Age on! Thank you!

 1993 - 2023 We are asking the simple question: "How Indie, Diverse, or Black was this industry before the bold open-sourced inspired launch of the Black Age of Comics in Chicago, 1993?"

Thursday, February 02, 2023

The above image is the link to the podcast!

 BLACK AGE DOMINATION 1993 - 2023:  

This February 2023 BLACK AGE OF COMICS CONVENTION, Chicago features a series of interviews, hosted by The Punx of Rage, with the bold men who stepped forward to produce independent Black Age of Comics based conventions in the wake of the first ever such event that Prof. Turtel Onli launched in Chicago, Feb. 1993. The vital line-up is as follows. 

Yumy Odom, ECBACC Philadelphia

Andre' Batts, Motor City Black Age of Comics Convention, Detroit

Joseph Wheeler III, Onyx-Con, Atlanta

More can be found and appreciated in our virtual platform at

Friday, January 06, 2023

"You don't have to be Black to get yo' Black On!!"

"Once y'all go Black you may never go back!"

"Indie is always more than a Black Thing!!"

"Diversity is more than skin deep!"

"The Blacker da berry the sweeter its use!"

"Believe da hype!"

The world's first fully functional independent Black Age of Comics Convention, Chicago was boldly produced in February 1993 at the historic South Side Community Art Center in the Bronzeville District of Chicago.  Others draft on that fact by making similar claims, but where were their events in 1993?   

Black Age of Comics Convention, Chicago was always open to all positive folks. Whites, LantinX, The Queer Spectrum, The Disabled Spectrum, Trans-Generational, Asian Spectrum Blacks and even Martians!  Its program included vendors, workshops, displays, exhibitions and a radio broadcast. 

That first influential Black Age of Comics Convention was fortunate to have important tangible support from Milestone Media's Dwayne McDuffie & Matt Wayne plus Herbert Nipson who was the Executive Editor of EBONY Magazine and the President of the South Side Community Art Center.

 Milestone Media is the most important indie Black Age publisher. 
Both were launched in Feb. 1993!

The term, "Black Age of Comics" as both a genre & movement were conceived in 1980 when Onli published the 'zine, "Papers" with the OSUN Center For The Arts. 

It was officially launched by Prof. Turtel Onli, M.A.A.T. in 1993. The convention benefited from planning and constructive participation by Craig Rex Perry and Cassandra Washington. Executive Producer, ONLI STUDIOS.

 we pose our prompt: 

"How Black was this entire industry before we dropped that opulent Black Age of Comics bomb with the infectiously prophetic manifesto-type article that appeared in the Comics Buyers Guide, in February of 1993 in support of our first Black Age of Comics Convention, Chicago?"


Wednesday, December 28, 2022

 2023: BLACK SANKOFA 3.0 BLACK AGE DOMINATION!!! Circa 1992 - 2023.

Prof. Onli often asks a simple question as evidence of this impact. 

"How Black was this industry before the launch of the indie Black Age of Comics genre and movement in 1992?"

There is the powerful emergence of ECBACC, Motor City Black Age & Manga, OYNX CON, Black Comix Day, Black Comics Art Festival, Afro Con, Pocket Con, and the longest running originator event, Black Age of Comics, Chicago.

At the National Treasure Designated WPA Era South Side Community Art Center in the historic Bronzeville District of Chicago. Where the first Black Age of Comics Convention was given by 
ONLI STUDIOS in Feb. 1993. BOMB!

This is about the continued growth of indie Black Age publishers and others who produce an array of brilliant high-quality product with serious growth potential derived from the Black, African, Indie, Urban or Alternative experience.

Coast to coast we have seen major museums and important cultural centers presenting exhibitions featuring some type of Black Age of Comics theme.

The publishing of highly prized anthologies such as "Black Comix!", "Black Comix Returns!", and "Its Life As I See It!"

Then mainstream's shift to rigorously investing and profiting from its former under-utilized Black characters and concepts that before 1992 were not taken seriously or to the bank.

Major colleges and universities have added Black Age type courses and hired Black Age architects to leacture and present aspects of this nexus of creativity, culture, and commerce.

This is what domination looks like in real time.

NOTE: Since COVID hit, the annual Chicago based Black Age convention has morphed into a virtual convention rebranded Black Sankofa.