ONLI STUDIOS' founder Prof. Turtel Onli boldly launched the Black Age of Comics in 1993!

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

"The blacker the berry,,,,,the sweeter the juice!"  

We think of Black as a flavor. 
Like Thai, Italian or other fine world cuisines.

 The more indie Black Age products you buy, share and gift the better we become in meeting your desire for the very best progressive Conventions, Graphic Novels & innovative Comic Books possible.  This is our bond. Our creed. Our essence!

You do not have to be Black to get your Black on!

We feature print products for a variety of reasons.  

This hybrid of the Visual and Literary Arts still has immense unexplored growth potential.  

You know this.
The mainstream knows this. 

And we offer this!

ONLI STUDIOS not only launched the growing indie Black Age of Comics in 1993 but has been a prolific consistent open indie publisher & producer since 1981. 

A solid professional operation that goes where the mainstream does not!

We bring the fun, fire & funk in comics as never before. New concepts. Better art.  
More interesting narratives.  Expanding universes.

Indie Black Age publishers are mostly banned in mainstream Comic Book Stores and indie Afrocentric Bookstores for being too creative and dangerous to the over controlling limits and predictable orthodoxy of the mainstream's market stranglehold on your choices and reading entertainment!  

They work to restrict the more creative indie world from the shelves!

Yet, Onli Studios has boldly led the charge for decades with its advocacy of the growing indie Black Age of Comics. A welcoming force that produces products and events that not only address your precious unmet needs but charts new territory for the real dynamic future of indie Graphic Novels, Comic Books and related industries.  

Buy from ONLI STUDIOSLLC online for free shipping in the USA, free oversized trading cards, with each book packed in archival plastic. All for the cover price.

Every indie collector needs a set of the awesome Rhythmistic Graphic Novels from 
"The Father of the Black Age", Prof. Turtel Onli.  
Available online via ONLI STUDIOS.

"Once you go Black you may never go back!!"

Mayor Rham Emanuel of Chicago salutes Prof. Onli 
for guiding the Black Age of Comics 
as a growing positive force of creativity, culture & commerce 
per its long association with the DuSable Museum of Black History.

"Indie today: Black Age Forever!" 

One book and one fan at a time!

Monday, July 25, 2022

ONLI STUDIOS published the 'zine Future Funk in the early 1980s. 

That was in the 20th Century!!!!

Funk will never die!

In 1982, long before the trending of "Afrofuturism" we, ONI STUDIOS published the forward ballistic moving z'ine, "Future Funk" to promote the creative arts with a serious indie flow.  

We did this, not due to the likes of George Clinton or Sun Ra.....but because of Rhythmism.  

We welcome the luv and impact of all things "Afrofuturistic".... but Future Funk and ONLI STUDIOS were always about putting the Future in The Funk.   

Thursday, June 30, 2022

 We at ONLI STUDIOS LLC want to humbly thank you for the precious time and attention you have continually given to the indie growing global Black Age of Comics genre & movement. 

Johnathan Ford for ONLI STUDIOS LLC, bringing the Black Age to the 
Alley Cat Comic Book Store in the Edgewater District of Chicago. Juneteenth 2022.

Historic! Hype way back from the 20th Century by way of the 
2nd Black Age Convention in Chicago's Bronzeville District at the 
historic National Treasure designated South Side Community Art Center.

(Note: For an enhanced experience please click on the images and they will enlarge.)

A lot has happened because of the likes of you. The powerfully inspirational insight, empathy, intelligent curiosity and enthusiasm from you has fueled so much in this manifestation of creativity, culture & commerce.  

"Da Black Age!!!"

However, given the intense changes in this and other industries we are appealing for you to select, recommend and buy indie published ever-cool Rhythmistic Future-Primitif innovative products from publishers such as ONLI STUDIOS LLC.

Yes, we need you to collect and gift ONLI STUDIOS products.  

Why?  Because not only produces the oldest running Balck Age event but ONLI STUDIOS LLC has been also publishing and producing since 1981,  This operation has generously endorsed and provided productive and respectful paths to the true diverse expansion of Graphic Novels, Comic Books and related creative industries. Including internships, event planning and research.


This takes courage, time, vision, efforts and of course money. 

The more you purchase from ONLI STUDIOS the more ONLI STUDIOS can do to continue this positive mission.  Plus, ONLI STUDIOS's products are celebrated for going where the mainstream does not.  Doing what the mainstream will not.  Giving its customers and fans limited edition highly valued oversized Rhythmistic Trading Cards with every purchase as a show of love and appreciation. 

Introducing the Nu-Look over sized trading cards by Johnathan Ford for ONLI STUDIOS.

Collect the Classic Look over sized trading cards by Onli for ONLI STUDIOS.

The mainstream pimps you by charging you money for its teeny, over printed mass-produced miniature sized trading cards.  

ONLI STUDIOS at the NY/ Harlem   Black Comics Book Day Festival.

Please show your luv with purchases from our website at ONLI STUDIOS. Graphic Novels' tab.  Free shipping in the United States.  Each book comes prepacked in free archival plastic with those over-sized Trading Cards.  

Question?  What does the mainstream give you as a show of appreciation?  Hmmmm?  How about a lot of nothing!!!?

 They charge for bags.  They keep pimping more by selling its overpriced, mass produced little bitty trading cards. It gives you no sense of discovery in its predictable characters and corporate branded stories. 

 Just saying.   We Need You!

Thursday, June 09, 2022

Note: To enlarge any image simply click on it.

 CHICAGO- ONLI STUDIOS launched the growing indie Black Age of Comics in 1993 as an open positive expression of winning the peace and espousing our advanced state of freedom! 

This Juneteenth we will be doing two events in Chicago in that precious mounting progressive flow. At the indie awesome Alley Cat Comic Book Store and the vital DuSable Museum of African American History. 

 At each location we will be introducing our new illustrator, Johnathan Ford and his "Nu-Look' line, giving away our highly valued Rhythmistic Trading Cards, and signing everything for smart and lucky fans, collectors and enthusiast. 

 BTW: "We are energized!"

and proud of all of my brothers and sisters that have contributed to making the Black Age the most independent genre in Graphic Novels , Comics, Animation and more. 

You are the driving force in all of this!


Friday, June 03, 2022

 CHICAGO- In addition to producing the world's first indie Black Age of Comics Annual Convention in Chicago since 1993, ONLI STUDIOS LLC has been offering its limited edition, over-sized Trading Cards...Free. Included in its limited edition Rhythmistic Graphic Novels & Comic Books. Plus, various amounts have been given to the kind folks who have stopped by to exchange ideas, energy and positive vibes with ONLI STUDIOS over the years. 

Somewhere out there are several smart ever-cool collectors waiting to cash in!  

 Armed with those rare mint condition cards. Just waiting for the right moment to cash in on the full Future-Primitif fire and Rhythmistic funk that ONLI STUDIOS brings decade after decade.

Unlike the mainstream, that sells its small, inferior, undersized, mass-produced, low-valued trading cards. These rare, hot looking, highly valued, over-sized trading cards have been given away freely by ONLI STUDIOS in an enthusiatic show of appreciation to those who have given luv and support to ONLI STUDIOS and all things Rhythmistic.

"What$ In Your Collection??"