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Yumy Odom, the founder of the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention presenting Turtel Onli with a 2006 Pioneer Award for Lifetime Achievement and dubbing him "The Father of the Black Age of Comics." Unfortunately the other Pioneer Award recipient, Tony Tallarico could not make it.

Rich Watson is the creator of the Glyph Awards saluting excellence
and creativity in the Black Age of Comics.
Carla will create a Black Age of Comics quilt to be sold as a fundraiser at next year's ECBACC. We will be fighting over that quilt!

For the Chicago Black Age of Comics Convention Jennifer Hitt and Alanni Duenas created our logo tag and interpretations of it as three murals and T-shirts. Pictured wearing the Black Age logo Tees are Ashley Woods, Onli, and Jenn Hitt. This was a collector’s dream come true.

In photo: Ken, Ashley, Adam, Brian, photo by Lenze.
The 9th Annual Black Age of Comics Convention
Presented by Onli Studios Feb. 17th to the 19th at the South Side Community Art Center of Chicago.

(photo by:Alanni Duenas)

Onli Studios produced its 9th Annual Black Age of Comics Convention. Its opening reception attracted over 500 fans and supporters. The opening featured the “Sistahs on Narcissa” panel discussion of the graphic novel of the same name by Black Age great, Lance Tooks. This was a well received and attended feature. Brothas got a lesson that night. This night was featured on the Bronzeville Arts District Trolley Tour.

After seeing more traditional forms of Black fine art, on the tour many people were pleasantly impressed to see the Black Age of Comics Gallery exhibition. This show featured mounted or framed works from Milestone Media,Kiss Me Comix, Seitu Haden, Tim Jackson, John McClellan, Yaounde’ Olu, Pedro Bell, Eugene Mitchell, and Turtel Onli. It included a special section of works and biographies of African American cartoonists and illustrators whose works were carried or syndicated in the Black Press prior to 1965. Local and nationally affiliated press representatives and arts critics were feverishly trying to interview the artists on hand and to intellectually process the exhibition.

Our traffic flow included people of all ages, races, and income-educational levels. The mood was encouraging and wonderfully positive throughout the entire convention which featured vendors, workshops, net working, collecting, and celebration. Black Age collectors were making their presence felt by buying a variety of products form everyone. Among the vendors were LaMorris Richmond, Ernst Posey, Nino Mesarina, Kiss Me Comix, Uniphysics, Ken Ray, Yaounde’ Olu, Billy L. Henderson, and Turtel Onli.

Ashley Woods was the featured hostess. She was exciting while auctioning off the Static Shock books donated by Dwayne McDuffie.

Despite sub zero weather numerous fans flowed through the convention during the three day celebration. Coincidentally the Chicago Association of African American Photographers and the Chicago After School Matters Program were having their regularly scheduled events at the Art center while we were convening. This added more love and energy to the entire weekend.

In closing the “Sistahs On Narcissa” wants to meet Lance Tooks at some point. They have an assortment of insights and questions for him. We are currently in the process of editing a DVD on it. Each vendor and exhibitor enthusiastically stated they would participate in next year’s convention. Mile, Faheem, Howard, and Diane of the South Side Community Art Center were positive, supportive, gracious, and creative. We could not do this without them and their unique skills. They would like to have us back for another year. Now we are laying plans for next years 10th Annual Black Age of Comics Convention. The first one was given 15 years ago. A lot has happened since the term was coined. “The Black Age of Comics” refers to materials created or derived from the Black or African experience. We are living and creating in the Black Age. Our quest for more market share continues.


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Hi . I want to thank Turtel Onli for having me at the " Black Age of Comics" this past February. I had a very good time meeting many fans of the arts and lovers of comics . This show did not disappoint. Many of the artists had a great time and as far a sales are concerned, I made alot of the green stuff . Also, one of the fans that came out got to talking to me and informed me that his family owns a coffeehouse right in my old childhood neighborhood! It's located one block from my old house . Well, one thing led to another and I was invited to come on down to my old 'hood ' and check out the place . It is indeed a very nice place and once I got to speak to the young fans father, I managed a May art exhibition and book signing . All this thanks to Turtel Onli's Black age of Comics show . After telling several other artists friends of mine about this event, they could only kick themselves on the head for not looking into and attending the show . Well,there's always next year . I will be forwarding Turtel some pictures I took of the event and hopefully they will be online soon . Thanks everyone for showing me such a great time at this show . Hope to see you all soon .

Nino Mesarina

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