Thursday, February 09, 2006

John Jennings, the creator of "Urban Kreep" and and Prof. Bill Foster, who wrote "Looking For A Face Like Mine" were among the many Black Age living treasures available at ECBACC this year. Another reason to attend the Black Age of Comics Convention in Chicago or the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention in Philadelphia. They are two very important events in this most crucial of visual and literary arts movements.
Eric Battle and Jerry Craft having a positive exchange during ECBACC. Eric is a very talented mainstream illustrator for the likes of Milestone Media, DC and Marvel to name a few while Jerry is the creator of the syndicated "Mama's American as Sweet Potato Pie" comic strip.
Here we have Sam Joyner, a recipient of the Pioneer's Award in 2005 at ECBACC talking with the new hot Black Age Artist , Jamal Igle, who draws DC's "Firestorm" among other things. This was a meeting of great talents and minds sharing in creativity and excellence.
Bro.G, the creator of "MEMNON" was on hand with his title, input, and resourcefulness at ECBACC. He is a longtime Black Age master of creativity, writing and research.

This Black Age tag was created by Reggie. She is a talented student at the Kenwood Academy High School in Chicago and works part time at the Children's Museum of Chicago. This tag and a few other versions were available at the convention as T-Shirts.

She writes, "Working for someone is great, even when you are doing your own art-work for them. Knowing that they are not wanting it because it looks cool but because they believe in you and know you are talented.

"Da Black Age" was the first tag that I have ever done for someone and I 'm glad that it went to Mr. Onli. I feel very good that I was successful with this piece. It was totally awesome to work with Mr. Onli and to work with him in the future."


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Best of luck, Turtel with everything.
I just placed a tribute to Chicago's muse Gwendolyn Brooks at my own webjournal.
Thanks again for the great honor you've given me... and all respect to the 'Sistahs' on the Black Age panel & the attendees of the convention.
Lance Tooks

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