Saturday, August 12, 2006

You can buy the following books at the internet site at

They will happily take your credit cards. But if you are looking for a store situation the following books are available in Chicago at the GRAHAM CRACKERS Store which specializes in graphic novels, Manga, fantasy, sci-fi, and comic-books. Not to mention related products. The Chicago address is at 77 East MAdison Ave. near the Art Institute Museum.

Onli Studios has published this graphic novel to celebrate its 25th year in the industry. It features three reprinted stories from the classic era of the Black Age,( the early ''90s ) and a never before published color vignette. It is so cool to rediscover the origins of Malcolm-10, Sustah-Girl, and NOG. This will be a collector's treat from Onli Studios can be reached at or You can see more of Onli's artwork at TEAM BLANGA carries a modest $10.00 cover price, credit cards accepted. It is available in Chicago at Quimby's Bookstore at 1854 West North Ave in the Wicker Park area. www.quimby' for creative independent art related publications of all types.

You can check out this book and its creator at Ashley is a seriously creative Chicago based wunderkind. This book will let you know how the war between humans and elves really got started.

Ashley was gracious enuff to be a guest at the table of ONLI STUDIOS in the Artists' Alley section of the Chicago Wizard World Convention.

Be sure to collect and share as many Black Age and independent products as you can.