Sunday, December 04, 2005

Serving notice to you that the 9th Annual Black Age of Comics Convention is coming in February of 2006. It will feature art, books, displays, video and film screenings, and competitions. History in the making as we continue to move. It's more than a Black Thing!!!!!!!
This is the work of one of our proud winners in the Black Age of Comics Convention's student Art and Writing competition. This contest gives inspiration to many talented young people.
This is an Associated Press picture of Turtel Onli at the 2nd Black Age of Comics Convention in Chicago in February 1994. Onli is shown displaying several Black Age titles. He coined the term, "The Black Age of Comics" to refer to creative materials that are derived from a Black or African experience. The Milestone Publishing Company were generous supporters of the event.

This is a photo from the 1995 Black Age Convention in Chicago at the historic South Side Community Art Center. Pictured are Dr. William Foster, David G. Brown, Turtel Onli, and Bruce Bowers.

There is a movement in the world of comic books, sci-fi, and fantasy products. It is called the Black Age of Comics. It has been gaining momentum over the past decade and is now poised to get the attention, cash, and love it deserves.

In a few months there will be the 9th Annual Black Age of Comics Convention in Chicago At the South Side Community Art Center. For the whole of Black History Month artists, writers, publishers, and educators who are working in this movement will be featured as part of our national Black History Month. The address is 3831 south Michigan Ave. Keep in mind that there is also an East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention given in Philadelphia in May of next year. That will be its 4th edition. There was a time in this country that Blacks were not known to work in this industry. In fact some folks in the business didn't even think Blacks read the materials. Major companies used to claim that a Black character or a Black creator would not be profitable. They even maintained that there was nothing distinctive about the idea of Blacks creating these products since non-Black creators were doing a "good job" creating Black material. BOOM!!! Look at it now. We got conventions, publishers that come and go, major broadcast televised shows, movies, and video games. All of this was predicted by Turtel Onli years ago in an article he wrote in 1992 for the Comic Buyer's Guide. Could you imagine music or sports without a black flavor to it???? NO! Well these well placed industry creeps are dying off and giving ground to the obvious. The Black Age is here and growing.

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