Monday, December 19, 2005

Graphic novels have come a long way since being introduced to the USA market by the French in the late '70s. With the explosion of the square bond black and white Manga books leading the way it appears the future growth in this industry may be drawing the Black market closer to the graphic novel. Plus women, and all folks of color.

On the evening of our opening reception, at 7pm,on Feb. 17th, we will have several sistahs respond to the innovative graphic novel, "Narcissa", created by that Black Age great, Lance Tooks. They are arts supporters, educators,and avid readers of traditional novels. Their insights, appraisals, suggestions, and appreciations of the title and the graphic novel should be entertaining and educational for all of the attendees. Admission is free for this panel and reception.


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Notes from a newly enlightened sista:

Turtel is guilty as charged of introducing me to the fabulous world of graphic novels and becoming more knowledgeable about The Black Age of Comics.

The first graphic novel which I read was Kingdom Come, which totally blew me away. I have since read Marvels, and Turtel's own Malcolm 10 which features excellent artwork, and a great story line as well. Unfortunately it is difficult to obtain copies which should be put in the hands of as many young readers as possible.

I am currently reading Narcissa and will be participating in the discussion of this novel at the Black Age of Comics Convention.

By the way, sistas, I AM NOT loaning out my copy to anyone - contact Turtel or go to!

Everyone come out and support The Black Age of Comics Convention in February!

Hope to see you there!


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