Wednesday, December 21, 2005

9th Annual Black Age of Comics Convention info:Dates:

Feb. 17th to the 19th. 2006 Free reception 5pm unitl 10pm on Friday the 17th. Featuring Tim Jackson's exhibition on Black cartoonists and editorial comics, student art, professional art, vending, and the Sistahs' panel on the graphic novel ,"NARCISSA", by that Black Age great, Lance Tooks. Also there will be a special trolley bus tour of the historic Bronzeville community.

Feb. 18th and 19th will feature vending, exhibitions, animation screenings, raffles,and professional networking. The days of Feb. 18th and the 19th have an admission price of $2.00 for students and $5.00 for adults. Times: 11am until 4pm for both days. This is a collectors dream come true. Most Black Age titles are rare due to low press runs and limited outlets. The future collectors' market for original Black Age products is going to be so lucrative. YEOW!!

Plus a shout out for Yumi and the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention along with the important work of Dr. Bill Foster. Check them out!

For additional infomation contact Onli Studios at 773-536-0755 or

What does Spawn, Blade, The Milestone titles, Electro-X, Brother Mann, The Mighty Ace,MC-Squared, Boondocks, Mama's Boys, Bootsie,Hip Hop Heaven, Jonathan Fox, Serenade, Bounty Hunter, Malcolm-10,The Phoenix, Little Bill,the P-Funk album covers, and The Epoch line all have in common? Answer: They are all derived from the Black or African experience. How do you spell.....Black Age?


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Wow, this sounds like a great event! Could you post a reading list of must haves for those of us who can't get to Chicago? What is Narcissa about? Also I would love to see profiles on some of these greats in the biz. I'm certainly going to spread the word to those I know will be around to attend.
Having recently been to Japan and seen how comix are read by everyone and the imagery and content range are as broad as the readership from classic literature to romance novels as well as superheroes, I can appreciate the prodigious talents of the artists who have chosen this genre as their form of expression. I encourage any art lover to take a closer look at what is being produced here at home as well as the foreign markets to see some great art.
I'm glad this event will have an exhibit to show how this has been going on as a Black Expression both historically as well as today. If you are in Chicago, DON'T MISS IT!

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