Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Even "Blade" made some artwork by way of Lago.......
Jonathan is checking out Ashley's work. He won a Obama action figure in our raffles. He is doing a Black Age video documentary for Georgia State University.
Juan & Raphael......the Saint G crew.
The new men in black. Joe of Strictly Underground, Kobi, of ONLI STUDIOS, Juan, & Raphael creators of "Saint G".
Julie and Fred kicking it with Onli. Fred used to be a contributor with "Future Funk" for ONLI STUDIOS. Julie used to be the lead singer with the AKIBOARDS House and Techno band. You can find them on Youtube. Mike is looking on.........He is a writer with "Millennia Wars".

YUP! We did it. We had a costume contest with cash prizes. It was fun. fire, and funk!!!!
Workin' it!!!!!! The Cozuka Coz Players Clan in pre-ninja strike mode.

The Saxophone Quartet of Kenwood Academy HS performed Classical and Jazz selection before and during the 'Squeradin' Costuming contest. They were smokin'

After taking Steven, Mike, Ashley & Eric to see the amazing and funny UniverSoul Circus, Onli took them to the site of the first nuclear reaction. The birthplace of the Atomic Age is in the same neighborhood as the personal home of President Obama, and the Black Age movement.
Here they are standing on the place of the Manhattan Project that led to the bomb.
Rahkel, of ONLI STUDIOS, announcing the winners of the "BLACK AGE XII" costuming contest. They are on stage holding the Black Bag, prize money and all!.
Joy, and Ashley taking a moment to check out the "The Fringe" and its very talented creator, N. Steven Harris. He was one of the featured artists at "BLACK AGE XII".


Blogger Unknown said...

On Oct. 10, 2009, Chicago artist Turtel Onli hosted the 12th Blackage comic book convention at Kenwood Academy.

A large sum of people from around the city flocked to see the many artist that work in tandem with DC, Marvel, and other artistic institutions. Eric Battle, an illustrator for Marvel, DC Comics, and the Vampire Huntress was among many of the celebrities appearing at the event.

Many aspiring artist received career and artistic advice from the celebrities attending the gathering. One Kenwood student asked multiple artist about drawing techniques and thoughts for improvement. “It was the best experience I’ve ever had. I received great advice and learned that I need to believe in my self and draw backgrounds.”, said Keanu Britt, a Kenwood student that attended the affair.

Onli, the host of Dablackage, commenced the first costume contest yearning to attract newcomers to the event. Therefore, costume equipped guest were admitted to the convention free of charge. Consequently, contestants of all ages lined the stage of Kenwood’s auditorium to participate in the contest.

Kenwood high school students, suburban teenagers, kids, and vendors participated in the competition. The runners up were Nimo Mesarina as the Incredible Laundry Detergent Man and [Harrison] as [ ]. The first place winners were [ ] as the Narutu cast. The runners up received a 100 dollar savings bond and the winners received a 100 dollar check.

Onli said that the contest prize money could increase in the future as an attempt to cause a greater interest in the event and costume competition.

Information about future similar events is conveniently located at http://www.dablackage.blogspot.com.

Article Rough Draft
Written By Lake. Smith

3:37 PM  
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