Wednesday, March 13, 2019

 FACT: In Feb. 1993 ONLI STUDIOS produced the first ever full indie Black Age of Comics Convention at the National Treasure known as the South Side Community Art Center in the historic district of Bronzeville in Chicago.

This unique event featured panel discussions, vendors, exhibitions.  It was open sourced, open to the LGBTQ community, folks of color, folks of non-color, the disabled, while openly celebrating creators and concepts derived from the Black, Urban, African & Indie experience.
ONLI STUDIOS planned it  to support the launch of Milestone Media that same month.

"You do not have to be Black to get your Black Age on!"

The impact of this continuing event is the steady successful explosion of various indie comic cons around the USA featuring People of Color / LGBTQ and Alternatives..

Plus how "Black" or "Diverse" was this industry before this launch compared to after it hit?  

We thank all of the positive folks along the way who have attended, participated in, and supported our efforts to grow the Black Age of Comics genre into a positive welcoming force for creativity, culture & commerce.

The rise of MEECA CON, ECBACCC, Onyx-Con, MCBACC & Pocket Con and such  are examples of this living legacy.


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