Wednesday, December 19, 2018

 ONLI STUDIOS. LLC is expanding its flow of Rhythmistic Indie-Graphic Novels in 2019 and beyond for serious, intelligent and innovative readers collectors & fans. They were presented at the recent Pocket Con in Chicago.

 Pocket Con is now given at the palace-like downtown Chicago Cultural Center. This Con picks up on the innovations of the growing indie Black Age movement of independent conventions that are open to all yet have a focus on concepts and creators who are Black, Brown and Indie.

 These types of conventions offer the curious under-served public a chance to experience these products & their unique creators without being overwhelmed by the lame, very traditional, larger budgeted forces of the mainstream.
Prof. Onli showing a little luv for Pocket Con!

A positive shout-out to Nikki and all the cool folks that produced the Holiday themed Vends & Vibes at the Arts Incubator near the University of Chicago.  It featured a select arryay of small promising indie producers and designers of a wide range of gift products for this season of sharing. 2018!

Events like this gives ONLI STUDIOS a chance to bring the innovative Black Age of Comics to markets that may yet still be under the brand-loyal spell of the mainstream and its suppressive otrhodox traditions of what a graphic novels should be or become.



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