Monday, July 16, 2018

We have completed our current tenure, ( since 2011 to 2018),  of being associated with the DuSable Museum's Annual Festival of the Arts.  We seriously appreciate their precious support in accepting and supporting our unique convention as part of their lively annual arts festival that each year attracted over 3,000 appreciative festival goers.  This arrangement  has positively linked the growing Black Age of Comics Movement to the wider presence and respect for Black American culture, its history and its future in the world of creativity, culture & commerce.

Now we are looking into other partnerships, refreshing the fantastic one with the DuSable, and plans for resuming our free standing single site convention next year.

We have come a long way since our first Black Age of Comics event in 1993.  
We have reshaped this entire industry!

We thank the staff of the DuSable, Carl McKenzie of Artworks, the gracious creative professionals who continue to participate and all of the fans, educators, blerds, geeks, freaks,  Martians, odds, geniuses and students that think or say, "Indie Today: BLACK AGE FOREVER!"


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