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Under ten years of age:  Teen appropriate /  Educational:     Action/Teenage material: Adventure
Horror  / Violent  /  18 and older:     Vintage / Collectible:   Urban  /   Afrocentric      / Action
Black Age Fan Magazine:     Sampler/  Ashcan:              Art Star Studio Portfolio  Cosmic / Sci-fi
Magic / Mystical  /  Western / Historical    Biography  Health / Life Style   Humor /  Mature Audience

_________________________________________________________________________________________________                  TOP  HOT HITS FROM THE INDIES BLACK AGE OF COMICS :  The most independent movement in the world of graphic novels & comic books! Collect them all.  Smart, hot, creative, new, & fun!

1. The Hardware Tradebook from Milestone Media.
2. Tales From The Rhythmic Zone Tradebook from ONLI STUDIOS
3.  Brotherhood of the Fringe:
     A Graphic Novel Under Construction Tradebook from N. Steven Harris. 
4. The Brother-Man Tradebook series. 
5. The Sustah-Girl Work Out Book from ONLI STUDIOS. 
6. The Early Years Tradebook by Mshindo Kuumba I.
7.  BLACK COMIX by Damian Duffy & John Jennings. 
8.  Millennia Wars Tradebook from Ashley A. Woods.  98.  Vampire Huntress from L.A. Banks / Dynamite. 
10.  GENESIS: Science Fiction Anthology Magazine. From Black Science         Fiction/Fantasy/Horror
11. Liberated Muse: Edited by Khadijah Ali-Coleman
12. Malcolm-10 The first Printing From ONLI STUDIOS

Watch out for Niobe,  Anikulapo, Ajala, Jaycen Wise, Maximina, Indigo, and the War For Planet NUBA!

ONLI STUDIOS’ trading cards are twice the size of the ones’ produced by the mainstream.


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