Friday, July 22, 2016

 Support your dream and not the mainstream!

"I am proud to have your time and attention when it comes to creativity, culture and commerce. You deserve the promise and excitement that the indie Black Age of Comics continues to offer. We have posed and pushed the mainstream.  We exposed how the publishers of Manga-Anime use low production values and tend not to hire creative talent of color. Their books tend to be printed on cheap paper stocks and the art styles routinely stereotypic."

How many Blacks and Latinons love and buy Anime-Manga, but how many actually get paid to create Anime-Manga?

Black Age of Comics indie publishers hires Whites, Blacks, Asians, LGTG folks and Latinos routinely.

The BIG TWO are wisely hiring many more diverse creatives along with pushing a broader range of characters. Why?  Because of the push and power of the intelligent indie Black Age genre since it was launched in 1993 by Prof. Onli. This move by Onli changed the game forever! The more we grow your participation, the more the mainstream wants to control the game.  They will not control the game.


The BLACK AGE of COMICS is the future of this industry.  Why be loyal to characters created in  the 1940s and 1960s?  Your music and food choices are not that lame. Characters that your grandparents grew up on?  Really?

Have you ever noticed how most music collections are so much Blacker than our Graphic Novels or comic books collections?

We ofer you that magic of discovery!  The power of new, fresh & different!  We are the growing Black Age of Comics Movement.
We make it easy for you to download our products.  The Africomics image is the link to a new world of creativity!  

Your freedom awaits!


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