Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Black Age of Comics was born of international experiences when Onli was living and working in Paris as a freelance illustrator.  The French celebration of comic books as high art was a welcome emotion to Onli. He went to the offices of Metal Hurlant, and met with Moebius, to see about working there.  Moebius looked at his portfolio and asked, "Can't you make money in America?". Onli took that to mean he should think and plan to grow his own dynamic studio practice beyond the limits of freelancing. This led to the publishing of "NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides", "Future Funk" and the launch of the Black age movement.

Below are samples of illustrations Onli created for publishers in Paris at the time. Circa 1978
Onli always said he went to Paris to "bring it" not to "get it". His style and techniques were in full effect before arriving.

Below is the an illustration Onli created for Miles Davis in 1975 before going to Europe.

The best artists and illustrators are found in the Black Age movement!


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