Wednesday, June 24, 2015

In perpetual promotion of the appreciation, collection, & celebration of the creators of concepts and products that are derived from the Black, African, Urban, or Indie experience. The above image is the actual promotional image from our 1993 launch of the growing
 Black Age Movement,  Feb. 1993. Produced by ONLI STUDIOS

“BLACK AGE XVIII” EXHIBITION NOTICE:    “Black Age Heroes & Villains”.

Date:  Sept. 11th 2015 until Nov. 8th 2015 With support from the City of Chicago’s Artists’ Month.

Location:  The legendary Southside Community Art Center in the Historic Bronzeville district of Chicago.

Theme:  The Black Age of Comics Movement is returning to the birthplace of its first ever convention. Artists are asked to contribute two works of art. One of a villain. One of a hero.  Art is limited to characters owned by the artists and illustrators.  No fan art. Exceptions will be made for professional work created by written agreements with the copyright owner or publisher.  Size is limited to a maximum of 30 inches by 40 inches.  All work will be insured.  Works must be for sell to a 40% commission to the South Side Art Center.  Prints, posters or original art must be ready to hang.  We will not prepare or frame items.  The contributor must provide shipping and return postage.

Program Book:  We plan to publish a program book for this show.  Contributing artists will be allowed up to three pages. Two for the art, and one to hype themselves and provide contact info. We are preparing our fees structure for this.

Deadlines:  This is a first come, first shown exhibition.  Contributions for the program book are due July 30th.  Digital files sent to  Actual art must be sent to ONLI STUDIOS at 1448 East 52nd Street #468 Chicago IL 60615 USA. Art for the exhibition is due, ready to hang, no later than August 15th 2015.

Art must be packaged return shipping pre-paid.  Permission forms will be issued once requested by interested contributors by email to Turtel Onli


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