Saturday, February 09, 2013

We were invited to have a positive discussion about the "Black Presence in Comics" recently as part of Graham Crackers' tribute to Black History Month. They even set up a special display of indie and mainstream Black Age products for fans to collect.  It was all the way cool!  Folks had a lot to say.

Big props to Matt, The Staff , Shah, & Rabya for producing this event.  The Black Age Movement got better for it.

Big ups & thanks to those of you who have collected, bought and shared our units of creativity during this 20th anniversary month and all along the way. Also we seriously appreciate those who realize that a graphic novel is a serious art form that reaches folks of all ages and stages. It's combination of written word and narrative visual art is still a force of dynamic cognition and creativity. We do all of this for you. "Indie today: Black Age forever!!!


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