Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"BLACK AGE XV" presented by ONLI STUDIOS at the DuSable Museum's Annual Arts & Crafts Festival July 14th & 15th 2012 in Chicago brings the growing Black Age of Comics movement home to Chicago where it all started.  Featuring internationally known Black Age greats such as Afua Richardson, Eric Battle, Mshindo Kuumba I, N. Steven Harris, Turtel Onli, Ureaus, & more.  Parents, Students, Fans, Educators, Collectors, and festival visitors will appreciate meeting these gifted authors & artists who will be presenting, signing and selling graphic novels, prints, and original art.  They have worked for the likes of Aspen Comics, Marvel ComicsDC Comics, Milestone Media, Johnson Publishing, Third World Press and more.  The Black Age is a movement & genre in comic books, games, movies, & graphic novels based on concepts derived from the Black, African, Urban or Independent experience.  "We love to share and learn from our public."  

As Onli often says:  "Indie today: Black Age Forever!!!"


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