Thursday, August 25, 2011

I drove to Atlanta for the 3rd ONYX CON recently to get my Black Age on. It was amazing. Positive! refreshing! Inspiring on all levels as it closed the 2011 Season of the Black Age.
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Black Age Art Stars at the closing of ONYX CON. The diverse and growing Black Age movement is open to all positive creative folks.
A few of us Black Age Art Stars had work included in the important Afro Futurism & the visual arts exhibition at the Tubman Museum in Macon GA. So Steven harris & I went down to visit.
Me & my entry.
Steven "The Great" and one of his works in the show.
We took a break and greased down Jamaican style at the Scotch Bonnet eatery.
Standingo and Mase were among many of the Art Stars in the house over the course of this event. Research ONYX CON to learn more about the most important event of its type in the southern United States. Indie today: Black Age forever!!!!


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Blogger Distrakt said...

To be around great minds and mentors like this has to be an amazing experience.

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