Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We were successful in making the transition this year from being a free standing indie-convention to becoming a major component in the DuSable Museum's annual Festival of the Arts. ONLI STUDIOS seriously wants to thank all of the creative professionals, participants, educators, fans, customers, students, store owners & managers, Matt, James, museum staff, Dr. Adams, Ms Hunter and you for understanding , "Indie today: Black Age forever!"

We featured two comic store signings, a bowling party, and a two day exhibition tent at the outdoors festival that played to thousands of folks along with the Black Age Art Star crew went to the all mighty "House Music Picnic" that drew tens of thousands that day.
Faith took her lunch hour with us at the signing at Graham Crackers. Eric introduced his set of hot new limited edition "The Paragon Order" prints, Turtel presented the "NOG NU!!" rebooted book, and Steven, ( partially shown to the right) debutted his new "Brotherhood of the The Fringe" Special Gallery Edition. Black Age Art Stars were in effect!!!
"Super-Fan-Boy" followed Steven & Eric from New York over the years to catch them at the downtown Chicago Graham Crackers comic book super store to get his books autographed durng "Black Age XIV" week end. The night before we checked out a jazz set in China Town at the Lure Dinner/Night Club.
Onli checking out the popular and growing Black Age/ indie section of the super-cool First Aid comic book store. The hitz keep on comin'!!
During the signing at the First Aid comic book store in Hyde Park, Davina took a moment to show Jamilla her new holographic smart-phone.
Steven, Onli, Eric, & Joe were honored to introduce Lauren to the Black Age movement.
Steven & Eric were featured at the official DuSable Museum's "Authors Tent" on day one.


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