Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We just wanted to take a moment to say the world got rocked at "Black Age XIII". A three day weekend that flowed through Little Black Pearl, First Aid Comics Store, The Blackstone Library, Afri-Ware Bookstore & Cultural Center, The DuSable Museum, Liberated Muse, Graham Crackers Comic Book Superstore, Black Age Central/ Hy Pa / University of Chicago near President Obama's backyard, Chicago Artists Month / City of Chicago, and home site convention at Kenwood Academy. We at ONLI STUDIOS are working even harder to take all of this energy to next level. Afri-ware is growing to become the spot all year 'round to collect Black Age products. The second Saturday in February is Black Comic Book Day. Look for an event near you. OK????? We plan to get in where we fit in and then some. Not to mention taking a lot of y'all with us.

Now lets go collect some products!!!!!

Indie today: Black Age Forever!!!!!


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