Saturday, August 22, 2009

Look out for the Inter-Fan crew.
"The Fringe" is an exciting indie concept created by N. Steven Harris. He is shown signing his valuable works at the first ONYX CON in Atlanta this past August and will be doing the same for fans and collectors Oct. 10th 2009 at "BLACK AGE XII".

The very talented N. Steven Harris, creator of the exciting "Fringe" line of books, will be one of the featured artists at "BLACK AGE XII". Harris has worked for Motown Animation Works, Milestone Media, and many others. These two photos were taken at the first ONXY CON in Atlanta Aug. 2009.
Two Black Age innovators, Eric Battle and Turtel Onli kickin' it at the first ONYX CON in Atlanta this summer. John Jennings of Eyetrauma can be seen coolin' it in the background. Battle will be another guest Artist at "BLACK AGE XII" in Chicago Oct. 9th through the 11th 2009. This is the oldest and original Black Age of Comics Convention.

"BLACK AGE XII" will take place the weekend of Oct. 9th 2009 in the Hyde Park area of Chicago which is the home of President Obama. This 'hood boasts having the University of Chicago, the birthplace of the Atomic Age, the national offices of Operation Push, The Hyde Park Art Center, the Little Black Pearl Center for Art & Design, the personal homes of President Obama and The Impressive Kenwood Community, nice places to eat, book stores, along with being the base of the Black Age movement.

The world's first Black Age of Comics Convention was given at the historic Southside Community Art Center in the the Bronzeville area of Chicago in 1993. It featured Craig Rex Perry, Tim Jackson, Turtel Onli, & Cassandra Washington. Now there are four conventions nationwide.

Here we go!!!!!

Theme: " The Black Age is the indie-alternative".

Dates: Oct. 9th, Oct. 10th, and Oct. 11th, 2009

Location: Kenwood Academy HS
5015 so. Blackstone ave. Hyde Park, Chicago,
Obamatown USA.
on the Lake Park side and entrance.

Admission: $5.00 Adults $3.00 Student ID Kids under age 11 Free.

Program: Oct. 9th Eric Battle, that Black Age great and illustrator for DC Comic's Spectre and Batman along with other amazing projects will be signing his books and kickin' it with fans, collectors, students, and everybody else at the Graham Crackers Mega Comic Book Store at 77 East Madison Ave. in downtown Chicago and later that day at the First Aid Comic Book Store in Hyde Park. The next day he will be featured in workshops and the like at the Kenwood location from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

Oct. 10th. "BLACK AGE XII" will be at the Kenwood location as listed above. It will feature Doc & the INTER-FAN crew doing a presentation on the late legendary Black Age Underground Comix master creator and innovator, Grass Green. They will also be holding it down for the radical indie-alternative comic book crowd. There will be an indie video competition and a viewing of the first ONYX CON DVD from Atlanta and the Chicago Comic Con this past summer.

Onli will present a "State of the Black Age" lecture followed with a Q&A session.

Fans and collectors will be able to buy directly from the indie publishers and artists on hand. Students, educators, and emerging professionals will find this group of creative folks very inspiring.

Expect to meet vendors, indie-publishers, artists, & writers. Like Ashley A. Woods, Mike Smith, Barbara Jenkins, The Anime Club, LaMorris Richmond, Tim Jackson, Eric Battle, N. Steven Harris, Juan Arevalo, Raymond Leonard, Nino Mesarina, Joe Currie, Spicey, Terry Huddleston, Yaounde' Olu, Mike Smith, Punkin, Ernest Posey, Rod Jenkins. Robert Boyd, Kim Moseberry, Onli.......and many more.

Oct. 11th. Signings will be scheduled at the Afri-ware Bookstore in Oak Park.

VENDOR INFO: Contact ONLI STUDIOS at while they last!!!!

Lodging nearby:

Ramada Lakeshore 773-288-5800

International House of Chicago ( U of C campus )



Blogger threejproductions said...

I'm new to your blog, but I think it's a great thing you're doing to get the word out about black creators and their works. Keep it up! Carl Herring Jr. President of Three J Productions, LLC.

7:12 PM  
Blogger Onli said...

Thanks. It is a life's luv and more. See you in the Black Age!!!!!!

3:50 PM  
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