Monday, October 13, 2008

Yaounde' Olu was the winner of our exciting raffle of the Black Panther T Shirt at Afri-ware.

"BLACK AGE XI" folks get political:

Several serious collectors were on hand to learn about Dreadlocks and other Black Age characters. They were excited to see the range of books available at Afri-ware. Black Age indie products are very collectable because of the subject matter and the fact they are rare. This is a combination that will give them increasing value over time. These collectors came to shop and learn!

At the Afri-ware Bookstore in Oak Park IL "BLACK AGE XI" presented a panel discussion, signings, vending, and a raffle of a Black Panther and Dreadlocks tee shirt. Tim Jackson was set to go and folks loved it. Afri-ware will be offering a DVD of the presentation in the near future.

Nzingah Nommo and Yaounde Olu were having a moment of appreciation. Nzingah is the owner of the store which is over ten years old. She regularly features programs there to explore and promote the positive aspects of Black and African culture to the wider community. Yaounde is a former gallery owner, artist, and pioneer publisher creator of Black Age materials. She gave Turtel Onli his first exhibition in 1971 and co-published a 'zine in 1980 called "PAPERS"

Onli moderated the panel. Here we have Tim Jackson holding up one of Yaounde Olu's publications with Andre Batts of "Dreadlocks" fame outta Detroit checking it out. Folks were amazed to learn about how much has been going on in the Black Age movement since 1980. They promised to spread the word.

Andre, Tim and LaMorris circulated to mix with folks and families who were there. It was all so very positive. This scattered site approach of "BLACK AGE XI" worked well to take us and our products out to the people. No admission charges. No single physical plant to promote. No travel complications. Just the Black Age appearing at a place near you. BAMN!!!!!

This is the main reason why we do it!!!!!!!

The day before "Los Ninos Mesarinas" were with us at the South Side YMCA in Chicago all day. Nino has been rolling with us for a few years now and folks love his work on the incredible "Laundry Detergent Man". His son sold a few drawings of his own too.

This mother brought her son in to meet us since he is very creative. He later explained that he would later hit us up looking for a deal since we were publishers. He felt that meeting us made his efforts that much easier.

LaMorris worked the panel well. He even explained the creation of "Jigaboo Devil!!!!


It was all a great day in the Black Age.


Blogger Bronzevillian Spirit said...

Onli......Beautiful.... Living in the Black Age! Congrats!! on the Black Age XI.

7:26 PM  
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