Saturday, November 17, 2007

Currently Onli Studios is experimenting with developing a distributorship of Black Age products that will be based in the Chicagoland market. Currently two very popular Afrocentric bookstores have accepted a free standing spinning rack exclusively featuring Black Age products. One is the Afrocentric Bookstore in the Bronzeville area at 47th and King Drive. The other is Afri-Ware in Oak Park Illinois at 266 West Lake Street. This is a serious step toward getting more products in the hands of Blackuns everywhere. Oh......Blackuns are the fans of Black Age products. Chicagoland has a market potential of thousands of Blackuns of all ages, cultures, and educational levels.
Buy, read, collect, copy, share, trade, and value all that is Black Age!!!!!!!!

Email for info.
Let the bum rush begin!!!!!