Thursday, October 11, 2007

Matthew D. Avery, seated, is being congratulated by Seitu for winning the "BLACK AGE X" Film / Animation Short Contest. Ashley A. Woods is smiling on. Avery's clip is called "COMMON THREAD".

Mica, a new Mom, is kcicking it and taking it all in from Andre Batts of Urban Style Comics.

"BLACK AGE X" 10th Black Age of Comic Convention Oct. 5th & 6th 2007

Grafenveer's Christian and Lisa were fan faves at "Black Age X".

Julian of the Kenwood Academy High School's Great Graphic Novel Club presents Jamal Igle with a auto-graphed t-shirt of appreciation. The Club members were amazed by his artwork and personality.

Seitu Haydon of "Jigaboo Devil" and "Tales of The Heart", Pedro Bell of P-Funk fame, Rex of "Hip Hop Heaven" and "The Proud Family along with Turtel Onli.

"BLACK AGE X": The 10th Black Age of Comics Convention was a success.

It featured two guests artists in Jamal Igle, of DC and Image fame along with Craig REX Perry of "The Proud Family and "Hip Hop Heaven" fame. For REX it was a homecoming in that he is native to Chicago and was one to the organizers of the first Black Age of Comics Convention in 1993. The coup was that the legendary, reclusive Pedro Bell of P-Funk fame was in the house too. Alisa Williams was a fantastic Event Manager.

The vendors featured the likes of Urban Style from Detroit, Christian N. St. Pierre, BLAM COMIX, Hall Boy Productions from Cinncinati, with Onli Studios, Urban Christian Ministries / "The Guardians", Kiss Me Comix from Chicago. There will be many updates about it all but we just wanted to set the communication in flow. It was great, positive, well attended, with folks wanting more.
We at Onli Studios want to thank everyone who has participated in any Black Age event over the decades.

Since a picture is worth a thousand goes a few thousand.

Plans are under way for "BLACK AGE XI" which will feature an exhibition and reception Oct. 10th 2008 at the University of Illinois' Chicago Campus African American Cultural Center's Gallery featuring "The Blacker the Hero" group exhibition to open up the event.


Blogger Dave said...

Hey, it was a lot of fun and I met a lot of people. Great job. I even saw a few of the films at the film fest. And I wrote about it on my little blog

2:45 PM  
Blogger saythat said...

The convention rocked!! I can't believe it's already been a week ago. Did anyone catch Pedro Bell in the corridor autographing copies of "Zeep"?! He schooled some students on his work with Funkadelic...too much to digest.

Get ready for next year. I know it's gonna be bigger and better.

Go Onli!

3:32 PM  
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