Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Your friends, relatives, and loved ones will appreciate receiving the books on this site as gifts during the holidays. Graphic Novels and comic books make ideal gifts for folks of all ages. Plus the collector resale value, low initial costs, innovative concepts, and easy gift wrapping adds to their appeal as unique gift items.

You have got to add these to your collections. The artwork and writing
on these titles is amazing. You can find them at comic book stores or online via
an Internet search. They are part of a very independent movement in Graphic
Novelizing and Comic Book creation. Grafenveer by Wayne Sanders & Christian St. Pierre from Smash! Comics

No collection is complete without serious representation from the Masters of the Black Age. Dreadlocks by Andre Batts, Damon Anderson, Abdul Q. Haqq, Khaylil B. Niah, & Orlando Brock for Urban Style Comics of Detroit Michigan.

GALTOW by Robert Garrett & Patrick David of Xmoor Studios.

You can find a lot of these titles on,, and through direct title searches. For a virtual art lesson check out the Curriculum Website created with support from the University of Chicago called the Rhythmistic Museum at


Blogger Taheerah said...

Onli, how can I get in touch with Brother G, for the show? I actually met him on the "EL" about two years ago, and he had his books in tow. I'd love to feature him on the show as well....

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