Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wayback:  This event was Produced in 2011 by ONLI STUDIOS in Chicago. It was held in the same 'hood that is the personal home to President Obama. The first ever Black Age event was given in Chicago in 1993.  Look at how far this indie open sourced genre has come!  Its reach is global.  Its potential unreal.  Its participants amazing!  Welcome to the Black Age of Comics!

Since this time ONLI STUDIOS has partnered with the DuSable Museum to produce its annual convention in the prompt of the DuSable Museum's annual Arts & Crafts Festival.  Look for it this year July 8th & 9th.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

 Per the recent School of the Art Institute's BFA Exhibition, Ms Breanna Robinson is caught with her highly charged statement installation type piece in the Capstone Section of the showcase. She worked with ONLI STUDIOS as an intern curator for the retrospective exhibition on the Black Age of Comics at the historic South Side Community Art Center.