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This is a 11 minute documentary produced by Ms Barbara Jones-Hogu
and ONLI STUDIOS to cover the process and concepts featured in the Black Age Movement.

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Educators Professional Development Workshop:

The growing Black Age of Comics Movement and the exciting contemporary world of Graphic Novels. Bring fun, multiculturalism, recreational reading, creative writing and interdisciplinary art to your classes.  Relcutant readers, visual learners and creative writers will find this process compelling and appealing. 

This creative  movement was started in Chicago in February 1993 by Mr. Turtel Onli to expand the range and participation in the production of Graphic Novels and Comic Books.  He is NCLB Certified, BFA, MAAT, an Art teacher with the Chicago Public Schools, a Visiting Artist at the African American Cultural Center at UIC.,  and an Adjunct Professor in Art Appreciation at Harold Washington College.

Registration  with classes scheduled to suit your busy schedule. Solo, one to one sessions or small groups. You may arrange your own cohort. 

Earn 3 to 15 CPDUs.


$75.00 + 3 Hours / CPDUs  
$125.00 = 6 Hours / CPDUs
$150.00 = 15 Hours / CPUDs

Special introductory rate.


Presented by Turtel Onli , M.A.A.T.

You will learn how to adapt and bring graphic novels into the classroom for students of all levels.
You will learn to use our curriculum guides, online resources, Black Age documentary DVD, activity plans and sample Indie-Black Age products while earning 3 CPDUs. 

You will be able to study in the studio / gallery featuring the exhibition "20th Years Living in The Black Age of Comics".  Showcasing images, illustrations, articles and memorabilia from two decades of growing the Black Age of Comics and positive diversity in this exciting industry. 


Class sessions will be arranged to suit your busy schedule.  No class is too small.
Maximum number per session is 15 educators.


4th Floor,  Bridgeport Art Center
34th and South Racine, ( Enter via the rear loading dock. )
Chicago IL 60609 


Call to reserve your participation: Phone: 773-726-1610  Email: onli@sbcglobal.net

Approved by the Illinois State Board of Education.
Photo from a recent ONLI STUDIOS Black Age exhibition at the University Park Public Library.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Feb. 1993 saw the launch of Milestone Media and the Black Age of Comics Movement.  Both expanded the potential of graphic novels worldwide. comic books and related forms of creativity, culture, and commerce. It opened the range of professionals, ideas, concepts, art styles, story lines, looks of characters and the social template upon which contemporary in this medium can be built.  Plus the emergence of new creative art stars to the delight of fans, publishers  and collectors of all types.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"The better works of those in the Black Age movement are often a matter of intra-class-culture enlightenment along with recreational reading. It often harvests from areas that the mianstream wants to learn."

Monday, October 08, 2012

"BTW: At its best the work of the Black Age is an unscanctioned expression with immense growth potential!"  I said to a educator recently.

Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Black Age of Comics

In 1993, Onli debuted the annual Black Age of Comics convention in Chicago as a rising illustrator interested in bringing his dimensional Black comic book characters to a wider audience. The Black Age Comic Con was designed to promote commercial and independently produced graphic novels and related products that feature prominent characters of African descent.
As Onli organized the inaugural Black Age of Comics Conventions in Chicago, he went further to organize Black graphic illustrators and novelists for a national tour, partnering with the San Diego Comic Con, The Chicago Comic Con, and Milestone Media.  The Black Age of Comics Convention exists today, co-sponsored annually by the DuSable Museum and attracting hundreds of excited attendees each year. 

 The Black Age of Comics Convention celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2013.

The convention always features successful commercial and independent illustrators and graphic novelists. Past features have included Afua Richardson-- the only female Black comic book artist who has worked for Marvel, DC and Image Comics, Eric Battle—illustrator of numerous iconic superhero characters for DC Comics and Marvel Comics, the late novelist LA Banks, and other stellar artists in the field.  
Black Age of Comics founder Turtel Onli has amassed accolades and recognition for his work in expanding the platform for artists of African descent. He was awarded a Life Time Achievement award in 2006 by Temple University, named, “The Father of the Black Age of Comics” for his work with the convention.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012