Monday, July 28, 2008

Onli speaking about the Black Age Movement, its creators, and its potential. He asked, "Why are you so committed to the characters of your grandparents' youth when you could embrace someting as new and fresh as the Black Age of Comics movement?"

Onli started this movement in the Hyde Park area of Chicago. Just around the corner from the home of President Obama.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

ONLI STUDIOS was on display at the University Park Library's "Crawl into Comix" on July 26th, 2008. This was an opportunity to sell books like Song of Songs, Grafenveer, Galaxia Force, Tales From the Kids, Paka & Shujaa, 5-Shots!!!, NOG IS BACK!!!!, Team BLANGA, Malcolm-10, the Grammar Patrol, and other titles. Creators or companies like Kiss Me Comix, Jason Hunter, Nino Mesarina, David Gruba, and Rene Castellario were there as well.
Ms Kelley Nichols , the Librarian in charge, was a very enthusiatic hostess for the well attended event. That same day the Chicago Tribune Newspaper ran a major story supporting comic books as the "new literature".

Another positive moment for the Black Age movement.

The library purchased a rack full of Black Age comics from ONLI STUDIOS for the folks that come through the library to use its resources.

The AZIZI Books store 134 Lincoln Mall in Matteson Illinois also has a spinning rack dedicated to Black Age products.

Afri-Ware at 266 West Lake Street in Oak Park Illinois features a similar rack as well. We encourage your support of these stores along with the Black Age of Comics Movement.