Monday, January 30, 2006

Our's is an art driven creative medium. No movement can be for real without it's masters, geniuses, and amazing talents. These are people who set new terms and expand the territory. Or some who are just always seriously raw. Skilled. Talented. Precise. One such master in the Black Age is Mshindo Kuumba I. He has been a New York based force in illustration and fine art. You should collect his early work on Electro-X and Femme Fatale. Now you can get his work in the Dominion line of graphic novels called Fusion.

Look at this!!!! See what happens to folks who miss out on the Black Age of Comics Conventions in Philadelphia or Chicago. You would need to be at one of them.....soon.

The Marwen Foundation has a variety of creative classes for young students from 6th grade until the 12th grade free of charge. It is based in downtown Chicago in the high end gallery district. The classes include Cartooning, Digital Animation, Photography, Ceramics, and Painting. Black Age visionary, Turtel Onli is a current member of Marwen's Advisory Board and was one of the first teaching artists to work there. Many dedicated young artists have been through is programs.
Call (312) 944-2418 EX. 211 to arrange a visit or to sign up for new student orientation.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

This publication is created by the talented and hardworking students of the Kenwood Academy of Chicago IL. It presents original photos, images, poems, and other literary expressions created by some seriouly raw students. This is a high school program under the direction of Ben Jaffe. He is a digital-painter/graphic artist/teacher/coach and mentor based in Chicago. Plus he is very world traveled. These gifted students were at the Black Age of Comics convention in February 2006 promoting and selling their books, MATRIX,....for all that it is worth. The energy just kept getting better.

The Black Age of Comics was written about in the Comics Journal #160 along with tributes and interviews with some of the most innovative artists and writers creating the fire in the movement. This issue is so hard to find today. If you really want to get up on the history of the Black Age you need to contact Fantagraphics Publishing to secure this crucial back issue.

Plus you should check out the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention in May in Philadelphia or the The Annual Black Age of Comics Convention in Feb. in Chicago. This blog encourages your responses and particpation.

This is a tag treatment created by Alanni Duenas of the Kenwood Academy High School. SMOKING!!!!

Collectors and serious Black Age fans may recall that in the early to mid '90s there was an amazing explosion of creative publishing in the Black Age. HYPE COMICS, and BIG CITY COMICS were two of the many crews that were leaders in that flow. Willie Brown, The Sims Brothers,and so many others deserve a serious relooking at for those smoking titles. Hey, where is MC-Squared when we need him???

Friday, January 13, 2006

9th Annual Black Age of Comics Convention updates: The exhibition of Tim Jackson's provacative editorial cartoons and his research on African American illustrators before 1968 were open to the public on Feb. 10th instead of the 1st as previously planned.

Everything else was as follows:

WHERE: The historic South Side Community Art Center at 3831 South Michigan Ave. Chicago IL 60653. Situated in the heart of the Bronzeville section of the city.

WHEN: Gallery exhibition from Feb. 10th until Feb. 28th. Reception on Feb. 17th. Free Admission for the reception. 4pm until 9pm. It featured the panel discussion of Sistahs on "NARCISSA",which was created by that Black Age great, Lance Tooks. The panel convened at 7pm the evening of the opening reception.

Feb. 18th and 19th will be the actual convention dates.
Times: 11am until 4pm both days.
Admission $2.00 for students and $5.00 for adults.
Events on both days: Exhibitions, vendors, publishers, seminars, raffles, collecting, networking, interviews, and college recruitment.

INFO: or 773-536-0755

2007 will be the 10 Annual Black Age Convention and the 15th anniversary of the first one. This blog will provide more detailed information about the Black Age of Comics Movement.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Every collector, historian, educator, creator, and critic with an interest in the Black Age of Comics should own a copy of this amazing book by the brilliant Prof. William Foster. You can buy it through or In it he lays out the perspective for a healthy insightful overview of the value, need, and potential of this type of material.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The books of Kamau Atem are very good. They are created in a way that recalls the ideas and images expressed in the Numibian Force, NOG: The Protector of the Pyramides, or Heru, Son of Aswar. Do you have those in your Black Age collection???

Collector's notice: The current books by Kamau Atem are a true find. They are written to produce positive images derived from a Kemetic/Eygptian point of view. His url is and the publisher is online as well at

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

For the second year in a row Kiss-Me Comix will be in the house!!! Lucky us!!

The team behind Kiss-Me Comix will be presenting, selling, charming, and autographing their hot books at the 9th Annual Black Age of Comics Convention in Chicago this February the 17th. They are worth the visit. Their books are true collectibles too! Read on for more details.

How about the HIP HOP Godfather brother DMC being featured in MAXIM magazine recently showing his cartooning skills??? Just another moment in the Black Age movement for educational purposes, of course.