Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Original flyer hype from Black Age i circa 1993

 For the record:  When ONLI STUDIOS conceived and produced the 1993 Black Age of Comics Convention at the Southside community Art Center in the historic Bronzeville district of Chicago in 1993, it was the first open, indie, comic-convention to celebrate fans, concepts, creators, and products of color and derived form the Black, African, Urban and Alternative experience.

Photo from BLACK AGE III circa 1995

Other conventions make that claim. That is simply FAKE!  Yes we said it, FAKE! And they know it. They are wrong. They are lying!

Question:  Where we they in 1993?  What were they doing in 1993?  

ONLI STUDIOS took on the challenge and paved the way along with an influential article proposing the logic of the Black Age of Comics as a genre and movement to expand this industry appearing in Comics Buyers Guide.

.  ONLI STUDIOS is positive about their emergence and successes.  This is part of the original goal back in 1993.  But just for the record, ONLI STUDIOS did it first and has been at it longer.

Copy of article from Comic Buyers Guide circa 1993

BTW:  Our next event," BLACK AGE XXIV", will be a virtual event hosted via our Black Age Info Site in February 2021 for the entire month.  It will stream globally as that site nets over 400,000 views a month world-wide. It will advance our open nexus of creativity, culture & commerce!

Link for info site: Black Age of Comics

Page from the Italian Comics 'zine Fumetti: Circa 1995


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