Monday, October 24, 2011

Here we are trying to bring the exhibition vibeto those who could not make it. This Black Age Art Stars' display will run until mid-November. We are so grateful for all of the creative folks who have flowed through this movement.
"Indie today: Black Age Forever"!
The location is also the home of ONLI STUDIOS.John Jennings' worx rock. He is the most dangerous man in the BlackAge!!!! lol!!!!
Fans were able to collect ONLI STUDIOS' Black Age products over the weekend open house.
This set up of display cards spoke volumes to the persistent march of annual Black Age events.
The Art is the Message!!!!!!!!
Showtime is da right time!!!!!!!
Hundreds of people flowed through over the weekend event.
We attracted museum founders,
collectors' organizations & city officials.
Fans, collectors, curators and the curious were surprised to encounter the impact & quality of illustrations created by various Black Age Art Stars. Afterwards they purchased books from ONLI STUDIOS. Creative Cornerstones is the title of this group exhibition.
"Black Comix", the book, was prominently displayed as part of the Black Age display.

Friday, October 21, 2011

OPENING RECEPTION THIS WEEKEND: This is the Black Age display in this important annual group art exhibition at the Bridgeport Art Center for 2011's Chicago Artists Month. Also it will feature a screening of the historic DVD "Black Age Central" from the 2010 Black Age of Comics Convention: Featuring creatives like Arie Monroe, John Jennings, Afua Richardson, Corey Greene, Rebeckah Younger, Eric Battle, N. Steven Harris, Turtel Onli and more. The theme this year is to show how visual artists network to form productive communities. The landmark "Black Comix" coffee table resource book and a variety of Black Age graphic novels will also be available for researchers or collectors. Ours is such a growing community.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Click on link. Look down at the small thumbnail scroll bar to find this image. Submit your vote!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ONLI STUDIOS will present a Black Age Exhibition at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago opening Oct. 21st, 2011. 34th and south Racine. 4th floor. See the works of various Black Age Art Stars and feel the power of the Black Age.
Turtel will represent the Black Age movement with his Rhythmistic fine art entry to the Rush Philantropic / Bombay-Sapphire national Artist Search contest Oct. 15th at Gallery Guichard. The two local winners will advance to the prestigious Miami Art Basel.
This open house and exhibition will include a display that shows how the Black Age is a prolific visual artist driven network as well as a creative movement. Bridgeport Art Center.
You are invited to visit ONLI STUDIOS is located on the 4th floor of theBridgeport Art Center in Chicago.
Friday October 21st: Group Exhibition & reception.
4E Gallery 4th Floor and Open Studios: 5pm to 10pm.

Saturday, Oct. 22nd: Open Studios 1pm to 6pm
"Creating a community Through the Arts"
Panel discussion 5th floor 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Sunday, Oct. 23rd: Open Studios 1pm to 6pm.
Artful Brunch 3rd Floor Noon .

Call 773-726-1610 for appointments.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

ONLI STUDIOS will feature a Black Age Centric showcase of enlarged illustrations in the Creative Cornerstone exhibition to show how the Black Age movement is fueled through the networking of artists from Chicago to an ongoing influencial national level.

Opening Oct. 21-23rd at 34th & south Racine in Chicago. Fri. 4pm to 20pm. 4th floor. Phone 773-726-1610 for appointments or info.