Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Black Age was there on the grounds of the DuSable in 1996

as part of the African Festival of the Arts....

Now the Black Age returns as....



JULY 8th, 9th & 10th 2011

“Back To Our Roots!!”

Bringing the Black Age To The Masses!

Produced by ONLI STUDIOS Chicago IL USA

The 14th Annual Black Age Convention

Friday: July 8th:

Signings: Graham Crackers Comic Book Super Store at 77 East Madison in Chicago will host Erin Battle illustrator of the Scourge, N. Steven Harris of Vampire Huntress & The Fringe along with Turtel Onli of "NOG NU!! at noon until 2pm.

First Aid Comics hot spot at 1617 East 55th Street in Hyde Park will host Eric Battle of The Scourge, N. Steven Harris of Vampire Huntress & The Fringe along with Damian Duffy of Black Comix at 5pm until 7pm.

Black Age Art Stars & Creators Networking Bowling Bar set: 8pm to 10pm at Seven Ten 1055 East 55th Street in Hyde Park, Chicago, (President Obama's personal 'hood). First come first served.

Sat. & Sun: July 9th & 10th:

Visit our tent during the Annual DuSable Museum’s Arts & Crafts Festival. Free Admission Noon to 8pm.

Meet Eric Battle illustrator of Aspen, Marvel & DC fame,
N. Steven Harris, Creator of the “Fringe”, Tim Jackson political cartoonist, Turtel Onli, Creator of NOG, Corey Greene, Digital Colorist
Damian Duffy editor of "Black Comix" & others artists, designers and writers.

Buy original art and prints from these talented Black Age Art Stars each day
along with collecting a wide variety of Black Age Products.

Family theme cartooning works shops at the activity tent./TBA
On site authors' panels to meet the writers & illustrators./TBA

Discover the joy or reading the most exciting genre in graphic novels today.

Check us out later for updates.


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