Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Digital Colorist, Corey Greene will be holding it down at our tent July 9th & 10th 2011 at the DuSable Museum's "Back To OUr Roots' Arts & Crafts Festival.

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N. Steven Harris

Turtel Onli

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Meet special guest, Joe Currie / Strictly Underground.

Black Age Art Star "Vampire Huntress" illustrators N. Steven Harris and Eric Battle pictured with the amazing Afua Richardson of Top Cow at last year's "Black Age XIII" in Chicago. Harris & Battle, (both of L.A. Banks' "Vampire Huntress" fame) will be featured guests at "Black Age XIV" Taking the Black Age To The Masses" July 9th & 10th at the DuSable Museum in Chicago.

(Free admission. Everyone is welcomed. Handicapped access.)
This and future Black Age events are dedicated to the life, creative work and

legacy of the late Black Age great, writer/businessman/ visionary,

Dwayne McDuffie ( featured in the center above along with Milestone founders Denys Cowan & Derek Dingle ). He was an active supporter of the Chicago event from the beginning. We are so much greater for him, his vision, his work ethic and contributions.

Use the following link, below the next image, that reads "DuSable Museum" to access the DuSable's official website. Vendor details for the festival are presented for professionals interested is securing a solo set up.


New dates and new location.

BTW: ONLI STUDIOS is planning to produce "BLACK AGE XIV" at the DuSable Museum in Chicago as an open -air event wiht a double-tent during the museum's annual outdoors festival of the arts July 9th & 10th 2011.

ONLI STUDIOS will have a 10" X 20" tent that will feature Eric Battle, N. Steven Harris, Damian Duffy, Lauren White-Jackson, Corey Green, Tim Jackson, Yaounde' Olu while Dr. Kamau Rashied will lead Back To School presentation at the tent dealing with bringing the Black Age into the class room on all levels along with the success of the dedicated spinning rack of Black Age books in the Trading Post, Gift Shop of the internationally renown DuSable Museum of African American History.

Due to limited space there are no registration or vending arrangements for the ONLI STUDIOS' / Black Age section of this event beyond the select invited Masters of the Black Age this year. Everyone is invited to experience the DuSable Museum, its gift shop and the other exciting activites of this weekend.

We want to thank our fans, cosplayers, 'squeraders, critics, haters, loyal vendors and participants of past Black Age events as we go through this transition phase in the growth of the Chicago Black Age event. Our success and that of the Black Age movement has always benefited from your positive energy, professionalism and creativity. We thank you very much for it all and plan to get even better!

We want to become as good as you want us to be!

This year "BLACK AGE XIV" will feature invitation only vendors, creators, and presenters to focus on quality standards, style, and image along with professional history.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I met the very talented Lauren at C2E2 during our "Black Comix" book panel organized by Jennings & Duffy and again at this event ONLI STUDIOS presented at the Trinity "mega church" in Chicago per its Artists' Ministry group. I was shocked to learn she is in 7th grade. We hope to feature her at "BLACK AGE XIV". Her Mom suggested she tell me the name she uses to explain her illustration style. She said, "Turtel, these are Japanafrican!"

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Monday, March 14, 2011

"NOG NU!!!!" is the hot boutique graphic novel from ONLI STUDIOS. Aside from being presented at the 2nd Annual C2E2 Convention in Chicago at McCormick Place March 18th during the "Black Comix" panel with authors Damian Duffy, Phd Candidate, John Jennings, MFA. The colorist for "NOG NU!!! and creator of the sensational "Millennia Wars" Ms "Bad Ash" Ashley A. Woods, BFA were part of the panel along with Jiba Anderson, MA, Stanford Carpenter, Phd, and the "Father of the Black Age"....Turtel Onli M.A.A.T.