Sunday, July 22, 2007

Craig Rex Perry, who helped organize the first Black Age convention, will be there to spread a little visual funk around to the faithful fans who know his vibe through thousands of his amazing illustrations and work on Disney's "The Proud Family". He has even flowed with Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame!!!


Cassandra Washington, Co-creator and writer of "Sustah-Girl, Queen of the Black Age" will be moderating the "SUSTAHS ON HOODOO" discussion group at 3pm Oct. 6th on Mary Fleener's landmark book derived from Zora Neal's research on Hoo Doo and Voo Doo culture in the early 1900s.
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The "Brothas On Black Jack" will be reading and discussing "Blood and Honor" at a time to be posted at a later date. You gotta check out this series by that Black Age great writer, Alex Simmons! This thing is growing!!!!!

Jamal Igle will be signing books at the Graham Crackers Comic Book store at 77 East Madison in downtown Chicago , Noon until 3pm on Oct. 5th and then on to be one of the featured artists at "BLACK AGE X" for the rest of the weekend.
For High School Art Students there will be a drawing competition hosted by the Art Institutes of Illinois with the winners getting $3,000.00 & $2,000.00 scholarships as prizes to its college.
Collectors will want to be in our raffle to get copies of Static Shock Graphic Novels & Comic books signed by that Black Age great, Dwayne McDuffie.

In addtion we are featuring a homecoming for Craig Rex Perry of Hip Hop Heaven & the Proud Family, plus Andre Batts/ Dreadlock, The Guardians/Urban Ministries Inc./MOTU, Kiss Me Comix, Strictly Underground/ Joe Currie, Christian St. Pierre/ Grafenveer, Ashley A Woods/Millenia Wars, Andre Batts / Drealock, Tim Jackson/ The Man Who Drew Too Much, Yaounde' Olu, Pedro Bell, Seitu Haydon, LaMorris Richmond, Nino Mesarina/ Laundry Detergent Man, Mo, John J. Jennings, Damian Duffy, /OH: Other Heroes, The Kenwood Graphic Novel Club, and many more will be there for you to check out.

Talk about a collectors dream!!!!!!


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